iLUMNET Lighting System

 iLUMNET is an IoT based system that automatically controls luminaires according to set profile. Energy saving and CO2 reduction is achieved not just with LED technology itself but also with intelligent control when area lighting is optimized with sensors and dimming profiles. System management and commissioning is centralized to LUMOSCOPE Cloud Service that can be used with any device having web browser. System status and devices are visible on map to visualize the lighting system status and make it easy to manage the system.

Central management

iLUMNET System is a cloud based system where management is centralized. Lighting data, control profiles and User management is centralized to cloud service. Access to cloud service if provided with LUMOSCOPE management interface.

Local control

Though management is centralized to cloud service, lighting system control is still locally handled with iMASTER. iMASTER is connected to cloud service and gets the lighting control data from there and controls the system locally over radio interface.


Wireless communication

iLUMNET system is wireless, meaning no cabling required for lighting control as system operates over radio interface. Another advantage for not requiring specific cabling design is that luminaire grouping can be done freely.

Accurate and Real-time control

Lighting System is controlled in real-time locally with iMASTER and other devices like sensors and control units. Variety of options can be chosen to control the lighting, it can time based profile, astronomical clock and sensors. With advanced control lighting level can optimized and save energy.


optimize area lighting with grouping

IoT based system brings benefits also in optimizing area lighting with groups. As grouping is done with software luminaire groups can be defined freely and define groups specifi lighting profile, this way it possible to optimize the lighting level based on needs of the area and save energy.


Communication within the system is secured with VPN and encryption technology to protect controls and data, and keep the system functional.


LumoScope management interface

 LUMOSCOPE map view


LUMOSCOPE management interface provides view to Lighting System, you can see on map what is the status of Lighting System and you can see where the lights and devices are actually located. With map view luminaire grouping is easy with free selection of the area of luminaires.

Automatic failure reports

iLUMNET Lighting System identifies the failed luminaires, the luminaires can be seen on LUMOSCOPE map view but system also  sends failure report via email automatically. This results as reduced maintenance costs when scheduled inspection tours can be avoided.

Asset management

It is important to know what kind luminaires and devices there are, for this LUMOSCOPE provides asset management. Asset Report lists all the devices in the Lighting System and in which location they are.


Future proof system

Remote SW upates

To ensure functionality, not just the LUMOSCOPE software is updated but also the device and luminaire software can be updated remotely. This results as reduced maintenance cost when onsite visits are not needed.

To keep the system up-to-date also in future, new features can be introduced with software upgrade.

SmartCity needs and external interfaces

As iLUMNET Lighting System is a cloud based service, it is possible to integrate other systems to it to either control the lighting or collect data to be used for lighting control such as traffic information, weather conditions or energy price. For SmartCity needs system can extended to collect and provide different kinds of sensor data as needed.