iSENSE 400

The functionality of iSENSE, wireless intelligent multisensor, is chosen according to need: it can be either a motion detector, standard light sensor or a photoresistor.

The parameters and functionality are altered and governed by the iMASTER. The communication between the iMASTER and the iSENSE is wireless.

Key Features

  • Communicates wirelessly
  • Can be placed freely
  • Can control a luminaire, a network of luminaires, or it transmits data to iMASTER.
  • The sensor recognises mode changes, which it transmits to the luminaires and the luminaires adjust the amount of light.
  • The sensor unit is set to motion detection, brightness sensor or dimmer switch at installation.
  • The functionalities and factory preset parameters can be modified with iMASTER:
    • Motion detection: shape, sensitivity
    • Lux meter: sensitivity, range