iNODE 420, 410 controls LED driver in the luminaire and connects wirelessly to the intelligent iLUMNET network. iNODE has MESH capable SRD radio operating at 863-870 MHz frequency. Radio is connected to the external antenna. iNODE module is designed to be integrated inside the luminaire chassis.

iNODE 420 supports DALI and 1-10V interfaces to control LED driver in the luminaire. iNODE has also capability to control separate relay to turn luminaire off by switching supply voltage. This is needed when LED driver canīt be turned off with 1-10V interface.

iNODE 420 has an optional energy consumption measurement feature. Incoming voltage and energy consumption can be measured when luminaire supply voltage is routed through the device. Measured information is used for energy consumption reporting.

iNODE 410 is used with luminaires when there is auxiliary supply voltage available, for example from LED driver. Naturally iNODE 410 can be used also with DC systems, like battery powered luminaires.

iNODE 410 supports PWM as LED driver control interface.