iMASTER 400 is the central communication and controlling hub in iLUMNET intelligent LED lighting system. It uses wireless communication to control and manage all smart nodes allocated to the local area. iMASTER communicates with iLUMNET server that manages intelligent lighting system configurations and modifications. iMASTER also enables remote server based features like reporting, fault notification and SW upgrades.

iMASTER contains an industrial Linux-computer with lighting control software. The unit has also a real-time clock with guaranteed battery life beyond expected lifespan.

iMASTER provides secured and reliable remote connection to iLUMNET server by utilizing advanced encryption and authentication techniques.


  • Radio communication with smart luminaires and sensors
    • Control based on the clock, calendar or sensory data (sensors are optional)
    • Parameter and SW updates
  • 3G, WLAN and Ethernet connection to VP server
    • Local area lighting system configuration and related parameters
    • Updates to internal software
    • Sending operational data for monitoring and reports
  • Secure internet connection is provided using  advanced encryption and authentication solution
  • Industrial Linux-computer
    • Calendar, clock
    • Guaranteed battery life beyond expected lifespan