iLUMNET intelligent ighting system is scalable and modular wireless platform providing solutions for safe, appropriate and adaptable lighting solutions.The intelligent system is built with array of intelligent products according to the customerīs requirements. Intelligent modules are used by luminaire manufacturers to make their products iLUMNET capable.



 LUMOSCOPE is a central management system with Cloud Service based management and Web UI interface. Luminaire grouping is easily done in map view, also device information is visible.  LUMOSCOPE provides detailed reports on the history and status of the lighting system.

Intelligent Control provides energy efficiency using advanced illumination control with dimming. Control timing is defined with actual time or sun clock. Use of sensors save energy and provide higher level of lighting when needed.

Flexible luminaire grouping is used to optimize area specific lighting. Intelligent luminaires can be controlled centrally with profiles and directly by sensors.



 iMASTER is the central communication and controlling hub in the intelligent LED lighting system. iMASTER controls and manages all intelligent nodes in the local area. iMASTER also connects the local area to the cloud service for central management.


 iSENSE is an intelligent multi purpose wireless sensor device. iSENSE is programmed to detect motion, ambient light level or temperature depending on the lighting solution.



 iCONTROL is a multipurpose device to add luminaires, luminaire groups and sensors in to the intelligent lighting system. iCONTROL can control groups of DALI and 1-10V dimmable luminaires or used with on/off power control relays.


 iSWITCH is typically used with area lighting (like parks, sports venues) and indoor installations where manual control of lighting is needed. iSWITCH gives the user means to turn on lights for preset duration of time.


iNodes - Modules for luminaires

iNODE modules make luminaires intelligent. iNODEs provide luminaires wireless network connection and intelligent luminaire control. iNODE 420 supports DALI and 1-10V control interface and iNODE 410 used PWM control. Both iNODEs have SRD radio and connect to external antenna.

Sensors are integrated into luminaires with iLUMNET Sensor interface that is available in the iNODEs. Sensor cards for most common sensors like motion and luminance detectors are readily available.