iLUMNET is here!


iLUMNET is an intelligent lighting control system developed by Valopaa Ltd. The company has deep understanding of the requirements of professional lighting environments. The iLUMNET system has been tested in live installations in the demanding Finnish climate.

Now the iLUMNET system is available to all instances of the lighting value chain. It is a ready and tested solution for lighing manufacturers, who can use the iNODEs in their products, together with other iLUMNET control devices, and the central management interface. No development investments are needed to make luminaires intelligent!

Lighting operators can also benefit from using the iLUMNET system to control intelligently their lighting infrastructure. Existing luminaires can be added to the iLUMNET system with iCONTROL, and future lighting investments can be made with iLUMNET compatible luminaires and devices.

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