iLUMNET makes lighting intelligent

17.11.2015 • Kari

We are now introducing new iLUMNET product line that makes lighting intelligent. iLUMNET is an intelligent lighting control system we are now offering to all players in the lighting business, starting from the luminaire manufacturers to the users of the lighting control systems. 

We see that the demand and need for solutions to manage lighting intelligently is picking up and starting to grow at steady pace. Control gear is estimated to be the fastest growing part of the lighting business. iLUMNET intelligent lighting control provides people pleasant environment with optimal lighting and substantial benefits over the lifetime in terms of cost savings and reduced load on our environment. For these reasons we see this an excellent time to bring iLUMNET to the lighting market.

iLUMNET is a complete end-to-end solution for intelligent lighting management including LUMOSCOPE, our cloud based management, intelligent devices for the system and intelligent modules to make luminaires intelligent. iLUMNET is a fully IoT capable system where each luminaire and device has an own IP address. This means that each one can be controlled individually and can be connected into the internet. LUMOSCOPE provides easy and simple way to define groups and profiles to optimize lighting with automated 24/7 control. More advanced control schemes can be build when other data sources like traffic, weather, etc.. are connected to the iLUMNET system.

We offer ready and tested solution for the luminaire manufacturers to make their products intelligent with iLUMNET modules. There are no additional development or investments needed to start using iLUMNET. The choice of luminaires and devices available to the users of iLUMNET system will grow as more of the luminaire manufacturers start to offer their products as iLUMNET capable luminaires.

Intelligent control of lighting is bringing major benefits to the users and more business to the entire value chain of lighting business. We are determined to drive it with iLUMNET to become much bigger for all.

Let’s make lighting intelligent! 


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